Lee Fuller

UK based freelance WordPress + Front End Developer, collaborating with some of the best freelancers and creative agencies in the UK and around the world; to deliver quality, easy to manage WordPress websites.

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WordPress Development for With Love Studio

I have been developing WordPress websites for over 10 years. I don’t use themes, templates or page builder plugins, so you’re guaranteed to receive a quality, bespoke WordPress website that is also fully responsive, lightweight and easy-to-manage.

What does a WordPress Developer do?

As a freelance WordPress developer I pride myself on building fast and responsive websites, taking advantage of using minimal plugins, bespoke theme and techniques such as caching and transients, to give my clients’ visitors the best experience possible.

Below are a few of the WordPress websites I’ve built over the last few years; view all projects

WordPress development with unique multi-lingual pre-loader

WordPress development with unique multi-lingual pre-loader

WordPress Development and Optimisation

As a freelance WordPress specialist, I will build your website to be fast and secure, removing a whole host of preloaded assets that are usually unneeded, keeping HTML, CSS and Javascript to a minimum – maintaining that lightweight and fast framework, along with this optimisation, I also stress test PHP queries to reduce load on the database.

I aim to get your website to score at least 80 on Google’s PageSpeed Insight test, with the majority of the WordPress sites I develop scoring in the 90s for both mobile and desktop.

Safe and secure websites

I use a minimal number of WordPress plugins, helping keep your site as secure as possible. If you choose to host your new WordPress website with me, you’ll also get peace-of-mind behind a secure firewall and a whole host of other security features.