Vogue Arabia

Intertwining categories, tags and custom taxonomies hold this WordPress build together. It was important to be able to assign photographs and videos to models and brands, to allow the global search to match any keywords entered.

This complex build was made even more complex by having to handle 3 generations of legacy content in an uncompromising manner.

Designed by Bonne Marque.

Screenshot - Vogue Header

Screenshot - Vogue Global Search

Tara Emad (Credit: Vogue Arabia)

Custom Galleries

Vogue Arabia has a lot of imagery, all of which had to have the option of being encased in custom galleries.

Their Runway collections take advantage of one of these custom galleries.

Screenshot - Runway Collections

Screenshot - Runway Gallery

Screenshot - Vogue Article Gallery

Sonam Kapoor (Credit: Vogue Arabia)

Self Promotion

Being able to self promote their own content was of up most importance, we created a variety of content blocks that could be interspersed between posts and post listings to keep readers engaged whilst on and off the site.

Screenshot - Vogue Selection

Screenshot - Vogue Recommends

Screenshot - Vogue Newsletter

Screenshot - Vogue Social Networks

Media Player

Video content is another important section of the Vogue catalogue, I developed a custom player that pulled in a video queue to allow viewers what was coming up next, complete with custom sound controls.

Screenshot - Vogue Video Player

Developed whilst employed by Manchester based digital agency, We Are Empire.

Vogue Arabia