Pushing past the excuses and picking up the pen again

My plan to complete a first draft of a long forgotten script.

Action, adventure, comedy, horror, suspense and thriller; I enjoy pretty much all genre of movies as I’m sure is the case for most of you. Engaging cast, first-rate acting and of course it has to look exceptional on the big screen, all attributes of what makes a good movie, although I also take great interest in the creativity that goes on behind them, I’m a sucker for behind-the-scenes bonus discs when buying DVDs and Blu rays.

During our uni years, my girlfriend’s course required her to produce a short film, so I took responsibility of the script, a short suspense thriller with knifes, blood and gaming. The script was decent, the end result was decent, but I enjoyed writing it so much I wanted to produce a final script that was better than decent, a read a lot of books by successful screenwriters about how to write great characters and great plot points, then I started planning out how to make that short film into a full length feature, it was going great, managed to produce about 20-25 pages of the first draft, and then the excuses; not enough time, more important things, loss of focus, well I’ve spent so much time away from it now I wouldn’t know where to begin if I went back to it now; all the excuses, well I’ve decided I’ve had enough of the excuses and to get a first draft completed by the end of 2016.

So what’s different now?

Nothing, I still enjoy creating and writing, and I’m determined to get a script finished. As a bit of encouragement I want to start sharing my progress with you to keep me focused and engaged with my writing so each month I’ll be writing a short write up of how the past month of writing has gone, difficulties, etc I’ll also include the odd short snippet of the script and story outline.

And then what?

Hopefully by the end of 2016 they’ll be a couple of interested readers, interested enough to volunteer to read through the completed first draft and offer advice, feedback and opinions.

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